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Our Technology


UVcube360’s system¬†technology

has been independently tested for performance output in a test designed by UVDI and carried out by Penn State University. The test results for disinfection of microbes achieved a 100 percent effective destruction KILL rate.

What makes our product unique

amongst other UV units is that we have created a UV transparent shelf which allows the ultra violet light to strike an object’s surface 360 degrees. This patent pending process we call 360 Degree Core UV Technology. Other units that use grids and shelves that are not UV transparent simply do not allow the UV light to reach the entire objects surface.

About The

The UVCube360 is first UV home sterilizer that can eliminate up to 99.99% of all bacteria, germs and viruses that are commonly found on the surfaces of every day items. Our countertop unit can be placed anywhere in the house and takes only a few seconds to disinfect your items. Simply place your item or items inside the unit on the UV transparent shelf, shut the door and let the Ultraviolet light do all the work. In just a matter of seconds the process is complete and you can remove your items from the unit with the confidence of knowing you just eliminated 99.99 percent of all surface germs and bacteria.

Our goal was simple, create a safe environment for the everyday individual.

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